Karemani says There are serious Threats against his Life

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MP and interim BESA leader Nexhbedin Karemani said on Tuesday there were serious threats against his life and his family’s safety. “Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski is familiarised with this case. From now on, all diplomatic missions in the country, the U.S. Embassy, the EU Mission, the OSCE and the other embassies, too, will be familiarised,” he said. Asked specifically who was responsible for the threats, Karemani stated that he had informed the police about those persons. “They are asking me to resign as MP. I have accepted my MP duty and everyone already knows exactly and clearly who won the votes for BESA in Tetovo. A congress will be held next month and everything will be all right,” Karemani stressed. According to BESA leader Bilall Kasami, who has challenged Karemani’s election this weekend, the latest developments in the party are about personal interests and ambitions of members that want to impose themselves in BESA. “I encourage them to adhere to the Statute. I, too, will be in the running for party leader at the Congress scheduled for 24 February. I didn’t enter the party’s HQ in Skopje forcibly,” he stated. As Kasami added, he will continue to be the leader of BESA because that was decided at the latest meeting in Tetovo.

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