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Macedonia has become a country that offers a variety of products for sale ranging from Chinese goods to famous brands.

As far as shopping for food is concerned, small local shops and big supermarkets are available. Prices are usually higher in the small local shops. Some of the well established supermarkets are Ramstore hypermarket http://www.ramstore.com.mk/en/index.html, Vero and Tinex http://www.tinex.com.mk/ (whose website unfortunately does not have an English version). We recommend trying some of Macedonia’s domestic products such as Macedonian wine, dairy products, honey, etc. Food prices in Macedonia are not considered high by foreigners.

There are several markets in Skopje Bitpazar market and the Green Market being the most famous ones. They sell everything: tools, clothes, food, stationery, watches, household utilities, etc. There are several shopping centres in Skopje and they are the City Shopping Centre, City Gallery at the main square, Ramstore Mall and Beverly Hills in the city centre, Biser in Aerodrom municipality, etc.

Electronics can be purchased in Tehnomarket located at the City Stadium, Neptun and E-store located in the shopping centres and at other locations and Gorenje located in Karpos municipality. Smaller electronics shops also offer a variety of products and are located in all parts of Skopje and also in all towns in Macedonia. 

Right on the west of the Ramstore Mall, opposite of the now Governmental Building “Nova Makedonija” , is Skopje's flower market, where one can buy all kinds of flowers every day of the week.

As for garment,one can find clothes of Chinese or Turkish origin at very convenient prices but uncertain quality. Macedonian textile and clothes are considered of higher quality and are more expensive. Foreign famous brands are present in Macedonia and their shops are usually in the big shopping centres.

Working hours are usually Mon-Fri 0800-2000 and Sat 0800-1500. Some shops are opened until 2200 Hours, 24/7.

The Macedonian Denar (MKD) is the currency in Macedonia. Payment with credit cards is accepted in bigger shops. Although officially forbidden, payment in Euro is also possible in some stores.