Greek Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Statement on Articles on Name Issue

Greek Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Delavekouras issued a statement concerning articles in the Greek and Macedonian press on the name issue and the opening of EU accession talks with Macedonia“As for the ‘leak’ in today’s Skopje press concerning the content of the most recent ideas from Mr. Nimetz, we make it clear that Greece received no such ideas and we repudiate the contents of the article categorically. The content of the Nimetz ideas bears no relation to what is reported in the article. What’s more, the ideas described in the article would be totally outside the framework Greece has set and could not be up for discussion. As to the content of the article in today’s Athens press, alleging that Greece intends to consent to the opening of FYROM accession negotiations with the EU without the prior resolution of the name issue, we make it clear that this does not correspond the reality of the situation,” the statement reads.


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